About Mrityunjaya

Mrityunjaya has been in operation for past 7 years. It was formed with an aim to make use of traditional Indian therapeutic means coupled with modern aspects of psychology to empower & enrich the lives in a balanced way.
We try to help the organizations and individuals to get their soulful living back and hence enabling them to increase their productivity and sense of well-being.

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Vishuddha Vivekah, is a set of specialized programs for Corporates that have been designed keeping in view the present sedentary lifestyle of individuals working with various organizations.The programs are designed for the urban lifestyle .
It works on the following aspects, ensuring a holistic wellness program:

Yoga Therapy
Skin & hair care

Combination Workshops
a. Stress Management
A Stress management program can range from being one and a half hour long session to a 3 day (inbound/ outbound) session. The workshop and the duration depends entirely on the content which can be decided either by …

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Uma is a "Women wellness" initiative by Mrityunjaya. The programs are designed for the urban working women of today.
Saundarya works on the following aspects, ensuring a holistic wellness program:

Yoga Therapy
Skin & hair care

Nutrition Oriented workshops:
a. Nutrition for women
Objective: The program talks about the dietary changes in the most common lifestyle issues (obesity, PCOS, thyroid etc) faced by women today & also elaborates the nutritional need for women.
Mode: The workshop has a quiz/crossword activity and with the results the theoretical aspect of nutrition is explained.
Works well with an all women group.
Time: …

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Mrityunjaya has found a new home and is being relocated at :

Above Sabka Bazaar,
Shivalik road,
Malviya nagar.

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The most common of all spine problems is backache. There are many causes which induce pain in back. Some of them are:

Strain: results from unnatural posture while sitting, standing or walking. Carrying to much weight everyday also aggravates the situation

Obesity: as spine has to take a lot of strain to keep the body upright, severe back ache can be the outcome

High heels: makes muscles and ligaments unnecessary tensed, resulting in pains or aches

Long working hours/ Long driving: Sitting in a bad posture for a long duration can lead to lower back …

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The spinal column commonly known as the backbone is one of the most vital parts of body. It is responsible for every posture and movement we make, it supports our trunk, protects our spinal cord and nerves. The spinal column is composed of 33 vertebrates, which support the head as well as provide flexibility and structural support to our body
As the vertebral column is so essential, any kind of injury related to it is ought to be painful and sometimes disabling. A lot of people experience some kind of back …

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When the pillars of support, our bones get inflamed or infected & the comfort of our body is greatly diminished, the state of the bones is called as “Arthritis”. “Arth”, the Greek part, meaning “Joint” & “tis” meaning inflamed or infected. Arthritis means inflammation of the joints.
Depending upon the area of dysfunction & the reason behind it, there have been many different forms of Arthritis being stated & the number is still growing.
The most common forms of the disorder are following:

          Osteoarthritis – Due to the wear & tear of …

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Diabetes is a situation that affects our growth pattern by hindering the production of energy within. Carbohydrates, as we know are the main source of energy. They won’t be able to give anything if the pancreas wouldn’t secrete the key element, insulin, which makes these carbs useful. Insulin, the sweet collector in our body gets activated the moment we gulp those tasty carbohydrates. It increases the uptake of glucose from all cells & initiates the conversion of glucose into glycogen in our liver, which behaves as the source of extra …

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Children are the reservoirs of energy and creativity. They also have a very impressionable mind which can readily have an impact of anything that goes around in its surroundings.
The lifestyle that we follow today isn’t a very healthy one for a child to be at his natural best. Children are under profound pressure pertaining to ever increasing competition and undue amount of aspirations attached to them to perform better and better. Further adding to the woes, is the fast-food genre which has sidelined the healthy food products thereby giving riseto …

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Office yoga sessions primarily focus on the middle and upper management of the organizations who spend significant portion of their time in offices, which involves sitting throughout the day, and often in front of computers. 
Basically, the intensive work schedule and sitting for long durations coupled with working on computers tend to bring about many kinds of ailments like shoulder back n neck pain, eye strain, headaches etc .Something as trivial as the slippery tiles that are used in flooring the offices contribute greatly in intensifying the back pain. 
Apart from doing …

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 A woman’s life isn’t very easy to lead. Do you agree?
The tremendous psychological and social pressure to prove yourself at every place,the whole life span you are expected to perform a plethora of roles and each of them with undisputable perfection. You have to be an obedient daughter, a doting sister, a marvelous dedicated wife, loving and caring mother, flawless manager, competent employee, docile dutiful cultured daughter in law to name a few . Adding to this magnanimous feat is the complexities that loom inside your body, the ever changing hormone levels, …