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About Us

Mrityunjaya is now an eight year old organization that started from a simple idea of proporgating the therapeutic benefits of Yoga & to teach the practices as mentioned in the Yoga texts without any contemporary jazz, art, heat, dance, forceful motion etc, making it genuine, simple, practical & effective. Initially the organisation began with only corporate programs of stress management & Yoga sessions within the premisis of various organisations. In this phase we worked with organizations like Sapient, Birlasoft, HCL, Dell COmputers, Hero Honda, Escorts Heart Hospital etc. Our first Yoga studio opened in Noida in 2008. We really appreciate the encouragement we got from our vicinity & Mrityunjaya easily became part of everyone's daily schedule.

In the month of May we are starting our studio in Delhi.


The name “Mrityunjaya” literally implies conquering over all that is mortal. Yoga as a science empowers one to reach to a stage to be able to conquer the mortal aspects of life & experience a holistically profound life. With the idea starting a wellness organization we wished to empower all individuals with the true Yoga-power enabling them to experience well-being in totality. The practice of karma yoga is planted in the entire team & therefore the term "Mrityunjaya" applies in every little act that we perform in our organization, from an early morning Yoga session to a naturopathy treatment procedure or a workshop on stress management or nutrition, every single action ultimately aims at “Conquering thy self”.




Like every other young youthful company – we aim to change the world. We intend to do so by transforming people's lives in a way that helps them in gaining clarity & calm in the mundane stressful existence otherwise. Most importantly, we intend to have a good time while doing so.


Here are the folks that strive joyfully


Mallika – She's the one, who started with the idea of the organisation. "Founder", is what we usually call such people. However, since she herself has vowed to be different with everything, we call her the "wave creator", as every morning, she walks in brimming with ideas, which she keeps modifying herself, over the day & then when the idea is finally applied, it turns out to be somehing altogether different from the original one. Such is our wave creator, who's a staunch believer in Yoga & in our office you'll immediately recognise her talking about Yoga or bullying the juniors for not understanding the true nature of the ancient texts. With her bachelors in Microbiology, her bent towards spiritualism & philosophy inspired her as she did her masters in "Yoga Therapy" from Kasturba Gandhi Medical College, Manipal. She's in love with ancient Yoga texts & is presently researching on "prataya sargah" – concept of evolution (by Rishi Kapila, as mentioned in "Sankhya Karika") for her P.Hd.


Srividya - vibrant, dynamic, bundle of energy, with an addidictive laughter. She's a keen observor of the human mind, as a clinical psychologist & also by the "aquarian" in her. With a happening zeal to innovate such that the complicated human mind & the science behind it can be simplified for everybody. With her awesome degrees of Bachelors (psychology), Masters (psychology), M.Phil(clinical Psychology) & now P.hd (from IIT, Delhi), she enjoys this unexplaiable ease with the subject & innovates to the extent of evolving new games with different backgrounds of Psychology.


Srividya conducts the various stress mgmt programs together with Mallika & manages the sales for Mrityunjaya.


Mansi/ Manasee: Vivacious & a keen observant, Maansi is our Business head & also the centre head for the Malviya Nagar branch. Her background doesn't have any Yoga or psychology to it but her sheer interest & the effect Yoga had in her life motivated her to reach Mrityunjaya. Maansi manages the PR & Client relations. Her keen insights have led our organization to a new platform.


Kusumlata: Soft spoken & very sweet, Kusum is our naturopath who diligently gives naturopathy treatments and has successfully managed very difficult cases of arthritis, back pain, cervical spondiliosis, sciatica, fibromyoglia etc.


Munneshwar: Quite and reserved, munnaesh is one of the senior Yoga instructors in our institute. He has evolved his way of teaching to suit the youth and everyone enjoy a session with him as he instills excitement and verve in the class.


T.P.Pathak: Gentle & considerate, Pathak is a favourite of all senior citizens.

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